Automate everything
 with your data

APIs, functions and workflows to automate any process, for any team, with your data.

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Unify everything,
automate anything.

Connect your products, apps and data. Easily build automation libraries of metrics, triggers and action workflows to drive outcomes.

Workflow Automation

The building blocks to make something great.

With event driven functions and workflows, you only focus on the business logic that drives outcomes. Build small, go fast.

Scalable Event Stream

Capture events that drive your business. Use events to trigger customer experience workflows and business processes.
Watch the event stream scale as you grow - no configuration and maintenance required. It just scales seamlessly.

Your Processes as Code

Easily build your business processes as serverless automation workflows. Drag and drop or write custom functions. Build your library of templates. No need to worry about VPC, scaling groups, complex deployment scripts - we handle all that for you.

Unify Your Data and Actions

Connect your CDW, cloud apps, infrastructure and data sources to unify your customer and business data. Define real time operating metrics that trigger automation workflows.

Born Cloud Native

Build, manage and run secure, scalable, resilient and observable workflow automations that take full advantage of global cloud elasticity. Or make the platform your own by opting for a single-tenancy custom environment.

How it works

Instrument, Observe, Optimise, Automate.

Serverless infrastructure to build and 
automate real-time business workflows.