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Introducing MakerOps Inc.

Customer expectations have changed forever — today they expect real-time gratification and fulfilment. If they don’t get it, they’ll take their business elsewhere. The future success of your business relies on real-time X automation.

MakerOps Inc. was founded in 2020 on the belief that customer expectations have changed forever — so much that customers today expect instant gratification and fulfillment. If they don’t get it, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The evidence that industries are disrupted by real-time competitors is everywhere: it’s how the internet disrupted newspapers, Uber disrupted taxis, Netflix disrupted television and some API companies are disrupting some software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

That means more and more business needs to be conducted in real-time — and customer experiences need to be optimized in real-time if companies want to compete effectively with digital native disruptors.

We call this real-time business experience ‘real-time X’.                    

Real time X is personalised.

Real-time X is hard to deliver — because most companies’ software and data architectures don’t allow for the easy integration, automation, or optimization of business processes or real-time decision-making.

At the same time, the knowledge workers developing their products and services need to be empowered by real-time data and tools to augment and automate parts of the work they do, freeing them to apply their knowledge and expertise where it’s most valuable, instead of slowing them down with menial tasks.

Organizations must provide the tools to help employees and developers to understand, predict, and build the future of real-time business as part of the employee experience (EX) and the developer experience (DX).

We believe the answer is to develop real-time customer experiences and supporting operations using autonomous, intelligent, event-driven, serverless applications, or functions-as-a-service.

If you’re familiar with the Greek symbol lambda, you may have noticed it in our logo.

In mathematics and computer science, lambda is used to introduce anonymous functions. There are so many jobs to be done and problems to be solved, we are making it easier to automate the solutions for those using functions.

We’re setting out to provide the tools that can help make that real-time experience a reality for developers, technical teams, digital organizations, and their customers.

Real time X is event driven.

How did we get here?

MakerOps Inc. brings together a founding team with deep technical expertise in the areas of customer experience management, marketing technology, and automation, microservices, event-driven architecture, serverless software engineering, data science, and user experience design.

Collectively, we have decades of experience spanning industries including marketing, media, software, retail, healthcare, FMCG, betting, and entertainment.

While we were developing and launching SaaS platforms in some of those industries, we realized we were encountering the same problem time and again: the difficulty of obtaining a single view of real-time customer events and behavior through the patchwork of monolithic software and SaaS providers — and supporting business processes — that most organizations now use to attract customers, and manage and deliver the customer experience.

If organizations can’t easily collect and classify customer data, or understand the customer journey, they can’t use that data to autonomously deliver a better customer experience and drive business outcomes.

And if the events that drive a business and its operation aren’t easily captured and classified for machines to read and interpret, humans spend most of their time doing jobs such as data processing, report writing, and having meetings about stuff that can be read and automated by software.

It also means they can’t implement the machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence tools needed to deliver the real-time customer experiences that digital-native competitors can offer.

At MakerOps Inc., we decided we didn’t want to be part of the problem. We wanted to empower organizations to solve the problem and transition into the real-time future of business.

Real time X is observable.

A new model

In an event-driven world, we realized a function can be built for every task that needs to be performed in the enterprise — including the functions needed to create real-time experiences.

These can be plugged into the open APIs of all credible and modern software providers, dramatically shortening the time and infrastructure costs traditionally associated with developing these experiences.

We operate a platform-as-a-service and functions-as-a-service model to enable developers to create these functions, providing a serverless development and deployment environment in the cloud.

Our platform combines real-time event streaming with intelligent process automation across audience management, content management, real-time intelligence, and machine learning.

We provide the toolkit. Developers can build — and organizations can launch — real-time experiences for free — and only pay when the customer experiences them.

We are building our company on the same business model that drives serverless computing.

We believe it presents a paradigm shift in the way companies will be able to build real-time X operations at their core, processing their data and invoking the best actions to automate their business.

It enables creative developers, engineers, data scientists, designers, product teams, and organizations to create the real-time customer experience they need without being consumed by the legacy issues traditional development entails.

It will increase innovation, accelerate product development velocity, and inform decisions while dramatically reducing costs.          

Real time X is enriched.

Our goal

Our goal is to unlock real-time personalization of experience for customers and democratize real-time prediction and optimization of results for business using intelligent process automation.

We work with organizations that are focused on doing business in real-time by providing the expertise to help them create their roadmap and the platform, tools, and APIs to deliver real-time X.      

Real time X is automated.

We want to deliver an amazing customer experience for our own customers and developer community… so if real-time X is of interest, please consider joining our beta groups for business and technical teams, where we’ll share key products prior to public release while sharing real-time X expertise with you and your team.

And if we can help you develop your X automation roadmap so you can delight customers in real-time, or if you’re interested in joining the team, please get in touch.